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2: Controlled Chaos

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Early start for Weary today.. thought i might do a Pop and make an effort to go for a decent walk each morning to keep up some level of excersise. Found Myongdong shopping area (which i had briefly looked for but missed the previous evening) and found a cup of coffee and some pancakes for brekky.

There are few memories that came rushing back to me this morning.. interestingly the first one is the smell of Seoul.. when walking around it has a distinctive odour.. one i haven't smelt again since leaving... a car emission, mixed with strange tobacco smell, mixed with dried fish.... Very hard to describe but definately unusual and as far as I know unique.

Second memory was of Marnie's and my first few days in Korea when we were based in Myongdong.. I found some of our old haunts, Dunkin's being the main one and reminisced. Probably not that surprising but some parts of Seoul have changed and some haven't.. Myongdong more than most hasn't!

Spent the majority of the day shopping at Tongdaemun and Nandaemun but started the day at Toksugung Palace. It was very serene walking around the palace and was a nice contrast to the controlled chaos that I found at the markets!

Tongdaemun has definately gone down hill since last time I was here (or maybe my tastes in shopping have changed...) For those reading who don't know, Tongdaemun is a bunch of high rise buildings that house markets (ladies clothing mostly). I've been feeling pretty lousy all day to day (due to a head cold I contracted the day before I came to Korea) so shopping in a crowdy noisy shopping mall did not put me in the best of moods.

Came back to the bp for a rest for an hour or so before I took off for Nandaemun markets to continue the hunt for a small but decent handbag.. Note to all the females reading.. holy smokes handbags are cheap here!!!!!!! Picked up two today for less than 50 bucks... Found out later i could have got two for 20!!!!

Finished off the day back in Myongdong looking for some great Korean food. For 6 dollars I ended up with a great Chicken Kalbi (like a fried rice) and a coke.. Could have shared this meal if conductor was with me.. making this meal only 3 dollars!! Cheaper than Fri's at Twin Towns :)

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1: Artificial Intelligence

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First day of the major trek around the world for weary_feet. The day was very uneventful with it being taken up by a flight from Brissie to Seoul. Weary managed to clock up 3 movies and at least 5 cans of coke so definately got her money's worth out of the full fare flight.

Touched down at 17.30 but took til almost 19.30 to arrive at my hostel (seoul backpackers (bp)). Arrived to find out that my room was having electrical issues so I was moved to Myongdong backpackers (which is probably in a better loc'n!) Finally settled in probably around 21.30 so decided to go a get a quick bite to eat and call it a day.

Room is quite nice for a bp. Double bed, tv and ensuite! Ensuite was amusing when I went to have a shower. The shower is the style i've come across before but is not my fav.. it is one of the one's that just sprays anywhere.. no designated showering area.. Anyway managed to put water everywhere esp on the toilet..... The toilet is also one i've come across before here in Korea.. it is a bidet and toilet in one.. which is fine except all of the controls are in korean...... spent a good 5 mins pressing all of the buttons to work out which one flushed, meanwhile water was going everywhere, air was blasting etc... Clearly i'm not that refined because some of the features on this bidet are unexpected............

Nothing else to report so will sign out for the night.. Off tomorrow to shop at Nandaemun and Tongdaemun.

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